Masterclass Big Green Egg Camp

with Topchef Barend Kramer

Las Negras, Andalusia, Spain |  -


A summary of this week.

Andalusia, 7th. of May, 2018 – This morning we visited an ancient marketplace in Almeria. Rich fish, meat and the colours of a variety of vegetables. “Oro del desierto” or “Gold of the desert” is the name of  the best olive oil in the world and it’s made very nearby Almeria.  I’m now chilling out on the patio, watching the sun slowly set in the distance. By the sound of it, my dear foodie companions are having great fun in the cocktailbar ;-). As I am writing this, a fresh smoky fragrance tantalizingly makes my eyes smart.

I think it must be the Big Green Egg trying to tell me that the charcoal Paella Masterclass is about to begin!  

Soon this could be one of the highlights from your own holiday diary! From the 5-9th of May 2018, Hotel Las Negras Camps will be exclusively reserved for culinary fortune hunters! During this long weekend, Top chef, Barend Kramer, will be your source of inspiration, giving daily masterclasses about cooking with the Big Green Egg. Sharing his taste and passion has organically developed into one of his main missions in life. Just give him a Big Green Egg and some good charcoal, fly him out to Andalusia; the paradise of authentic Spanish quality products and make sure you join the club to enjoy the results!

You are welcome to join Barend and his wife Annet on a culinary voyage of discovery. Discover this pearl of an olive oil. Learn how to make lunch or a delicious breakfast on  the Big Green Egg. Master the art of making paella on charcoal – but please, don’t wait too long with your application; the number of people who can join is limited. Every day, there will be a full program of culinary adventures and inspirational masterclasses.

Buen Viaje Culinario!


5-9 may 2018


  • Stay based at a double room. Price for a single room: + €150

  • Breakfast-buffet, lunchbuffet, dinners and all drinks during  the meals.

  • Transfer in Spain from and to the airport.

  • Visiting an ancient marketplace in Almeria.

  • Masterclasses and all the ingredients for cooking.


  • Airticket (We can advise you about times & fares)

  • Cancellation insurance (recommended) and Travel insurance.

  • Optional (outdoor) activities like diving, cycling etc.

  • Spa and fitness facilities are available at your own expense in the hotel on the other side of the road.

Learn and be inspired, but put yourself in sync with the Mediterranean way of life.”



Transfer from the airport.


Welcome meet ‘n’ greet with tapas and drinks.


8:30 – 9:30

Breakfast buffet
Every day there will be masterclasses. 

About learning to make breakfast, desserts, dinner, lunches and so on.

A culinary visit to an ancient marketplace in Almeria.


13:00 – 15:00

Lunch and siësta time

15:00 – 20:00

Outdoor activities

Walking, relaxing along the pool etc. Just do what you like.

If cooking of dinner is scheduled, the masterclass will start at 18.00h.



Dinners in the hotel.

(Cocktail) bar

Friday evening

Last evening: the grand masterclass finale accompanied with a Flamenco concert.


8:30 – 9:30

Breakfast buffet

Day of leave

Masterclass Chef

Who teaches the masterclasses?

Barend Kramer

Barend Kramer discovered his passion for cooking at an early age.

His drive to make something special for every occasion was rewarded with traineeships with a.o.: Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay – then subsequently in many star-appointed restaurants. After having been top chef in several prestigious Dutch restaurants, he was asked to display his expertise on many TV cooking programmes.

With so much ambition, it was only a logical step to start his own company.

Driven, creative, no nonsense, energetic and passionate.

Barend Kramer stands for Taste & Passion and cooking with the Big Green Egg is his pride and joy.

He can virtually do everything with it: grilling, baking, stewing, cooking and using it as an oven!

Even another top chef, who is a real Big Green Egg fan himself, was amazed that Barend was able to grill cheese on it!

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